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The majority of motorcycles are stolen from people's homes, either from a driveway or from inside a garage or shed.

The only way to thwart these thefts is to anchor the motorcycle to an immovable object, which is precisely what the Strikeforce provides.

When fitted to a solid floor or wall, this hardened steel anchor provides a Sold Secure GOLD level of protection.

Key Features
• Sold Secure Motorcycle GOLD certified
• Hardened steel construction provides a secure anchor point for all Oxford chains (except BEAST 22mm)
• Saw and sledgehammer resistant
• Can be fitted to concrete floors and concrete/brick walls
• The strength of the installation is dependant on the quality of the floor/wall material
• Safety goggles are recommended when installing this product, especially at the drilling stages.
• Insurance company approved

• Instructions
• 4 x high security expansion bolts
• 4 x anti-tamper ball-bearings
• 4 x steel plugs to create unassailable anchor

Oxford StrikeForce Ground & Wall Anchor Kit

SKU: LK409
Sales Tax Included
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