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t's as important to keep your kit clean and smelling good as your bike. Oxford's range of Mint kit care products allow you to do just that. So both you and your bike can be 'Best in Show'.

A unique formulation specifically designed to clean helmets and visors without streaking. When applied with a microfibre cloth this product leaves no residue and a smear-free surface even in direct sunlight.

Available in 50ml & 250ml.

Keep your kit in Mint condition.

Key Features
• Removes road dirt, dead insects and greasy residue
• Unique formulation
• Easy application
• Quick drying
• Fragrance free
• Low hazard, alcohol-free formulation, safe on all surfaces
• Biodegradable
• Not tested on animals

Great For
• Ensuring clear vision.
• Debugging after a summer ride.

How To
1. Spray on and leave for a few seconds to soften the dirt.
2. Wipe off with a microfibre cloth.
Do not use on very hot surfaces. Regular use will cut down on application time and amount needed.

Oxford Mint Helmet and Visor Cleaner 50ml

SKU: OC306
Sales Tax Included
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