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Keep your wheels turning silently and efficiently with Oxford's outstanding range of motorcycle chain lubricants. Whatever the weather - dry, wet or changeable - these lubes will ensure your bike is always performing at its best.

When the weather is hot and the roads are dry and dusty you'll want to protect and lubricate your bike's chain with Mint Dry Weather Lube to repel the dirt thrown up when riding. In wet conditions, Mint Wet Weather Lube gives additional protection against corrosion and on longer journeys, when the weather throws all four seasons at you, Mint All Weather Lube preserves the optimal performance of your chain so you can travel further between applications.

Mint All Weather Lube is a specially formulated viscous lubricant with corrosion inhibiting additives, which create a tough film, that extends the maintenance intervals and increases the life of your chain. PTFE content fills the gaps between moving parts to reduce dirt ingress.

It of course features a clean, minty scent.

Superior lubrication your pride and joy deserves.

Key Features
• Ideal for extended journeys
• Long lasting protection with PTFE
• Special formulation with anti-fling properties
• Reduced contamination of surrounding parts
• Maintains performance of chains
• Great for chains, sprockets, O, X and Z rings
• Mint scented
• Not tested on animals

How To
1. Clean the chain with Mint Chain Cleaner prior to application.
2. Shake the can well and apply to the full length of the inside of the chain, rotating the wheel slowly by hand. Motorcycle: Do not use the motor to rotate the wheel.
3. Spray directly onto required areas.

Oxford Mint All Weather Lube 500ml

SKU: OC207
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