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Selling your motorcycle can be a nightmare! Motorcycle supermarkets offering prices that are well below trade. Endless time wasters and expensive advertising can prolong a sale tying up your cash.

At The Bike Sanctuary rehoming used motorcycles is what we do - so we offer you the following solutions:


Sell us your motorcycle! We'll give you a fair quote in 24 hours or less, collect your bike and instantly transfer the funds.


Let us do the work for you! We agree a price. We agree a set seller fee. We collect, advertise, sell and pay - simples! If you're interested in sale or return, contact us for more information.

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Thank you for contacting The Bike Sanctuary a member of the team will be in touch shortly.

Request a motorcycle valuation

SOR Agreement Terms & Conditions: The Bike Sanctuary will be responsible for the temporary care of this vehicle including liabilities and damages to it whilst in possession. If agreed The Bike Sanctuary may offer appropriate demonstrations and test rides subject to insurance and licencing. The Bike Sanctuary will not be responsible for mechanical failures and or maintenance issues relating to the bike not caused by accidental damage, theft or fire. The Bike Sanctuary will advertise this vehicle for sale at the agreed price and fee, which excludes any additions to the bike, delivery to the new owner etc. The Bike Sanctuary will not be liable for costs relating to road worthiness such as MOT, tyres etc. Costs to ensure the bike is legal and roadworthy will be deducted from the sellers settlement. The Bike Sanctuary will provide proof of sale to the seller within 24 hours of completion and full payment to the sellers agreed bank within 28 days of completion. The Bike Sanctuary will be responsible for any fines relating to traffic offences whilst the bike is in possession. The seller has the right to visit The Bike Sanctuary by appointment with 48 hours notice to inspect or recover the vehicle at anytime should he/she wish to do so. Should the seller decide to recover the vehicle he/she will be liable for a £100 administration fee, all remaining seller fees will be waived. Should the seller find an external buyer for the vehicle whilst advertised by The Bike Sanctuary the same £100 fee would apply. The Bike Sanctuary will sell the vehicle within the agreed values set out in the agreement, any variance in the price outside of these tolerances need prior written agreement from the seller. The Bike Sanctuary is responsible for the change of ownership documentation on the sellers behalf and will be liable for any fines relating to traffic offences up to this point. 

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