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  • effective range max. 1.6 km with up to 4 persons
  • up to max. 5 km intercom range in one group
  • Intercom with dual technology: DMC™ (Dynamic Meshwork Communication) and Bluetooth®
  • DMC Interkom Technology: for large biker groups (up to 4 bikers) within a dynamic, self-adapting network. Seamless group communication remains intact even if participants leave or rejoin the group.
  • Bluetooth® mobile phone and navigation device* pairing via Bluetooth®
  • Bluetooth® Intercom Modalities: Conference Mode, Swinging between Bikers, Click-to-Link®
  • Cardo Gateway™: enables intercom connections to other manufacturers
  • Intercom to mobile phone: when the intercom range is exceeded, automatic call transfer from intercom to mobile phone
  • Mobile phone conference mode with inclusion of external callers and intercom callers
  • Voice controlled speed dialing
  • speed dial key (individually storable)

Music/radio functionalities

  • parallel audio streaming:
  • Music Sharing™: driver and passenger can simultaneously receive the same audio source and listen to the same stereo music (via A2DP)
  • built-in FM radio with RDS and 6 storable stations

Device settings and individual adaptation:

  • Voice command: Top-class speech recognition technology for true hands-free device operation (with advanced multi-lingual voice command menu)
  • easy to use operation and spoken status announcements (multilingual)
  • Cardo SmartSet app for Android and iOS: - Using the smartphone as a remote control, individual device adaptation
  • Cardo Community® online platform for social features, device customization and software updates
  • Advanced technology for massive noise reduction and suppression of environmental noise
  • AGC technology automatically adjusts volume to environmental noise and driving speed, compatible with other Scala-Rider® headsets
  • VOX technology for mobile phones enables voice-controlled acceptance and rejection of calls and redial via voice command

General functions:

  • optimal design for HJC helmets including an ultra-flat control unit and a discrete battery unit docked at the rear
  • Interchangeable hybrid and cable microphones included in scope of delivery
  • excellent audio quality with High Definition (HD)
  • exchangeable and ultra-flat 40 mm loudspeaker
  • up to 13 hours talk time
  • up to 1 week stand-by time
  • waterproof and dustproof


DUO Cardo Scala Rider Smart H Duo

Sales Tax Included
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